Blendablities are here!

What the heck are blendabilites you ask?  Well, I’ll answer that question with another question ….. are you familiar with the popular Copic markers?  Stampin’ Up! has finally come out with there version of the popular alcohol based markers, which will debut in the new catalog on June 1st.  Some of you may already have a catalog that you received from me in the mail.  If you want to get one of your very own just email me to find out how at:

So what’s so special about these brand new markers?  Because they are alcohol based instead of water based they are superior for blending and shading.  Whats even better is the price point on these beauties!  Stampin’ Up! is selling a 3 pack (dark, medium, light) for only $11.95!  That’s as much as one Copic costs!  These sets are perfectly blended to give you just the right combination for shading!  A limited number of colors will be available including a Flesh Tone set of 6!

I am going to be offering a special technique class in mid June to teach you how to use these great new tools. For attending the class you will also get a set of markers in your choice of color!  What could be better?  Watch my facebook page Stampin with Heidi for more details.

Here is a sample of what you can do with these markers!


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