Types of Demonstrator’s

Stampin’ Up! Needs All Kinds of


Which demonstrator do you want to be?

  • · Friends & Family Demonstrator: You just want to buy all your stamping and

scrapbooking supplies at a great discount and help your “friends & family” get their supplies

too! Also want access to great the “demonstrator only” website and bi-monthly idea

magazine–always tons of ideas at your fingertips! No pressure to sell to others, attend

events, or communicate with anyone–you just simply order when you want to. (Also

referred to as a Discount Demonstrator or Preferred Buyer)

  • · Give it a Try Demonstrator: You join Stampin’ Up! to see what it is all about, with no

long-term commitment or plan. You purchase the kit (which is a great value all by itself,)

have a couple of workshops or classes, just to see if you might like it. If you find it’s not for

you…you can become a “discount/friends & family purchaser” or just say “good bye!”

  • · Hobby Demonstrator: You like the idea if doing workshops and earning extra money, but

only when it’s convenient for you. You might work a lot some months and very little, or not

at all, during other months. You love to stamp and/or scrapbook and like to support your

own “hobby” so that you can buy everything that you want with the money you earn!

  • · Part-Time Demonstrator: You see the potential to do a little work and earn a little money

on a consistent basis. You want no pressure to ever do more than you want, but you want

help and support from an “upline” who truly cares about you and your goals. You may have

specific goals in mind–pay for preschool, college tuition, car payment, new furniture, etc…

  • · Career Demonstrator: You recognize the potential of being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator

and want to build a business with long-term career goals. You want to pursue management

and want to move up the career ladder. You love attending Stampin’ Up! events and

building relationships with other demonstrators and customers. You intend to work at your

business in a consistent and outgoing manner.


YOUR NEEDS AND DESIRES. Make it fit for you by using your unique talents and style. Also,

I will train and support you in building any of the above type of businesses.

If any of these ideas appeal to you, ask for more information

about becoming a demonstrator.


Heidi Vinkemeier

Stampin’ Up! Independent Demonstrator





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